Book Series

It is about how to create a “Consocracy;” a peaceful, democratic, socially just, economically sound, and environmentally sustainable way for humanity to fix the serious mess it is in.

It is based on the use of consensus in all public decisions to ensure the interests of everyone being governed, not just those in the majority, are equitably considered.


Using consensus in democratic decision-making is something not many governments have ever attempted because it doesn’t work in large groups and it can be easily hijacked by narcissists to satisfy their own egos.

On this website, the author of “A PLAN FOR THE PLANET” Series briefly explains how a Consocracy might be set up despite these potential limitations using “Consocratic Theory.” It is based on his 50 years of professional planning experience working on the edges of political decisionmaking all over the world,

Admittedly, it will be no easy task to perfect, much less, implement “Consocratic Theory.” Commercialized algorithms on the internet are increasingly polarizing whole populations. Narcissistic world leaders are blatantly lying to the public about their ambitions, Global populations are rising, natural resources are dwindling, seas are warming, global pandemics continue and money has become the planet’s new God.

Most depressing, almost no one has any idea what the “BIG PICTURE solution to these problems might actually look like; how we might realistically avoid the mass grave humanity is now digging for itself. It seems our trusted democracies are no longer working for any one except the very rich.

So who is looking at THE BIG PICTURE of our dilemma and asking the question: “WHY?

  • Why can’t many autonomous cultures and religions live in the same area together peacefully?
  • Why can’t we resolve difficult inter-community differences without using force?
  • Why can’t minorities be involved in political decisions?
  • Why can’t there be gender equality in political decisions?
  • Why can’t we personally know the people we elect to represent us?
  • Why can’t we keep narcissists and big money out of public elections?
  • Why can’t we remove fake social media and biased news from politics?
  • Why can’t we solve long term problems in short term election cycles?
  • Why can’t we reduce the cost of government by ensuring the rapid peaceful implementation of political decisions?
  • Why can’t we also rigorously consider social justice and environmental sustainability issues when making political decisions involving money?

However, today there is beginning to be some hope. There are now a growing number of people seeking solutions to these questions, like Ed Miliband, Rutger Breaman, David Wengrow and Ted Rau. Some of the older seekers of the BIG PICTURE, like Noam Chomsky, John Buck, Sharon Villines. Edwin John, and the author of this website, have been working on them for more than a half century.

lf a peaceful, voluntary update to our democratic institutions could answer and resolve all of these questions, would you like to help develop the ideas further?

This website will hopefully start you thinking about what this might involve. Be sure to check out the website author’s books and the free pdf downloads of them here). They go into considerable detail on the history of Consocratic Theory; how it was developed to date and how it might work in real life. If you want to know more about how you might get involved, click here